Simon Killer

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Brady Corbet Dreaming of Junstin B.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

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Sundance 2011 Martha Marcy May Marlene

Trying hard not to be sycophantic or sound like an ass kiss but, viagra usa healing so far, medical this is it for me…  Of the movies that I have worked on, pills this is not only my favorite film, but also my favorite sounding film…  The best job I think I have done?  Someone else has to decide that.  I don’t know how to put my satisfaction into words.  In the end I liken it to finding a new sound, something to me that is totally and creatively fulfilling.  Sean was a pleasure.  He is confident and trusting, listens well and makes solid and clear decisions that take into account what a person who does what I do brings to the equation.  Sean, listened to new ideas and used those to create even better ideas.  And as is often the case, when something had to go (yes I still love the flies that did not make it in…) you knew why and it was always to the better for the film.  Always a team effort and in this day and age that matters so much.  Not to mention Zac.  Zac rules, humble fucking rock star.  So back to how do I say this stuff without sounding like an insufferable ass kiss…  Fukit.  I am very proud of what I think is a Great movie.

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