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These are not this dog. If this dog was the appetizer, viagra generic ed you would be the main course. These dogs were recruited in Brooklyn, NY from the “man” (in this case actually a woman…) who used to run my block. This is the Mom, Dad and one of their sons. We gave them a break from the big city and took them to the country to play. Now play for them sounds pretty rough but I assure you they had a delightful day of it. These have a bit of room on them and they pitch beautifully. They are fantastic for primary design or just to sweeten here and there.

These files are all 24/96. In four folders with 409 total files they were recorded with a Schoeps and some Neumann Microphones to a Sound Devices 744t with some Pre-Amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

A small asside, for those of you interested, these were recorded here, the IR from the living room is one of my favorites.

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