Deer Library

I live in the country and thus I have friends who hunt. A few years ago I made arrangements with a friend that he could hunt on my land if when he got a deer we could record all aspects of butchering it. A week or so later he was successful and with several recorders we (Mark Filip and Matt Snedecor and myself) captured every part of butchering the deer. We were respectful of the process and when it was finished made a very good meal as well. We were thankful for the food and the results are both incredible as design elements but also as a reference. This is very much what the real thing sounds like.

In two folders these 471 files are all 24/96. They were recorded with a Schoeps and Neumann Microphones as well as a Zoom and a Sony D-50. We used a Sound Devices 744t with some Pre-Amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

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