My name is Coll Anderson.  I am a Supervising Sound Editor, discount viagra nurse Re-Recording Mixer, discount viagra Sound Editor and often Sound EFX Recordist.  I came into this by way of Production Sound where I cut my teeth on everything from Indie Documentaries to Prime Time Television.  I do not usually go record libraries with the intent to sell them but more often record and design things so that I can use them on the projects that I am working on.  These collections are all motivated by the needs I was having as an editor or mixer at one time or another.  I am still very much in love with the process of going out into the world and finding sounds that interest me.  That part of getting your hands dirty, building, breaking, even re-thinking every day objects, keeps me so very attached to what I get to do creatively every day.  May you find this stuff as interesting and motivating as I have.