House Library

These are 279 files recorded in a single house. It is a pretty good catalogue of a house in the singular, cialis generic buy viagra doors, diagnosis windows, thumb light switches, pots pans, bathrooms, even some human actions. Most of these files are recorded and edited as series events. This means there are many variations in each file… Sink on off includes the sink on, running, off, washing hands under running water, washing hands with no running water, ect. You get the idea. There is great and every day usable material. All of the files were recorded 24/96 and reside in 4 folders. These were all recorded with Schoeps microphones to a Sound Devices 744t with some pre-amps on the front end. All files have complete metadata embedded with Sound Miner.

A small aside, for those of you interested, and who know my relationship with Audio Ease… One of the next few IR?s drops might (like that, “might”) include all sorts of IR?s from the house this library was recorded in. Might.


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